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VRV 5 S-series


Lower CO2 equivalent and market-leading efficiencies

Since the launch of Ururu Sarara in 2013, the world’s first air conditioner to use R-32 refrigerant, we have worked to convert our portfolio to lower GWP refrigerants. The latest evolution is the completely newly developed VRV 5 S-series, incorporating all latest technological developments, such as the low GWP refrigerant R-32.

lower co2

Top sustainability

  • Reduced CO2 equivalent thanks to the use of R-32 refrigerant
         • R-32 Global Warming Potential (GWP) is 68% lower than R-410A
         • 10% less refrigerant charge

  • Single component refrigerant, easy to re-use and recycle
  • Top sustainability over the entire lifecycle, thanks to market leading real-life seasonal efficiency



Industry-leading serviceability and handling

  • Low-height single fan range
  • Easy to transport thanks to compact design
  • Wide access area to easily reach all key components

Best-in-class design versatility

  • Like-for-like R-410A installation flexibility
  • Sound pressure down to 39 dB(A) thanks to 5 low sound
    steps to suit the application
  • Automatic ESP setting up to 45 Pa to allow ducting
DAIKIN vrv sound

Geared for comfort

  • Intuitive online and voice control
  • Variable Refrigerant Temperature for optimal comfort
  • Specially designed new 10 class indoor unit for small, well-insulated rooms
Refrigerant temperature
next generation

1. Unique 3-row heat exchanger

✓Contributes to top seasonal efficiency


2. Specially designed grille

✓ Low pressure drop

✓ No risk for accidental reach of the fan


3. New casing design with four handles for easy carrying


4. New asymmetric fan design

✓ Two high ESP settings

✓ Low sound levels


daikin vrv5

5. Compact dimensions

✓ Easy to transport and hide thanks to compact size and single-fan design

✓ Less use of natural resources to produce


6. Refrigerant cooled PCB

With integrated:

✓ cool/heat selector input

✓ 7-segment display for quicker and more precise error and setting reading


7. New stop valves

✓ Repositioned to allow front or side connection

✓ Brazed for increased reliability


8. Unique Daikin swing compressor

✓ No abrasion possible

✓ No refrigerant leak possible

✓ High seasonal efficiencies


Connectable indoor units

units vrv5 daikin
Round flow cassette360° air discharge for optimum efficiency and comfortFXFA-A
Fully flat cassetteUnique design that integrates fully flat into the ceilingFXZA-A
Slim concealed ceiling unitSlim design for flexible installationFXDA-A
Concealed ceiling unit with medium ESPSlimmest yet most powerfull medium static pressure unit on the market!FXSA-A
Wall mounted unitFor rooms with no false ceilings nor free floor spaceFXAA-A

Advantages of R-32

› Lower Global Warming Potential (GWP): only 1/3rd of R-410A

› Lower refrigerant charge: 10% less compared to R-410A

› Higher energy efficiency

› Single component refrigerant, easy to handle and recycle


Daikin climate protect

Maximum flexibility out of the box.

Install your VRV 5 indoor units in rooms down to 10m² without any additional measures from your side!

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