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Daikin Egypt Solution Plaza


Daikin Egypt Solution Plaza is a place to see and experience all Daikin products and technologies in different applications.

Each zone in our showroom has a different theme and story, showing the function of the product shown. Customers can test the units, watch it working, and enquire about all information from our team. 

And here you can see Daikin Air purifier:

Our solution for clear and pure air, thanks to Hepa filter which can catch fine small particles of dust, and thanks to streamer technology which provides pure air.

The new air purifier design itself is a piece of art and deco rational item can indulge your interior design. Out Air purifier here is put inside smoke glass box and here you can see the smoke inside the box and how the air is not pure.

Here in Residential zone, you can see Daikin Multi Split system. Only one outdoor unit is connected to up to 5 indoor units. And you can see the piping lighted and leading to the outdoor unit. For the indoor units in this zone you can find:

  • Emura  (the a ward winning Design unit) , Prefera (attractive, wall mounted design with perfect indoor air quality), Round Flow Casste unit, And Concealed unit

There are many possibilities in comfort you can profit from Daikin Multi split solution. As you can see, you are able to connect up to 5 indoor units to only one outdoor unit and every single room can be Worked Separately. Daikin multi split solution is the best to reduce limitations like Room Size, Room Number environmental impact and financial aspects.

Also, with multi split solution you will reduce number of outdoor units which will be placed on your Façade which is not so good for the building exterior appearance. And you will find it much easier installation for the wiring and drain piping as you see.  


Optimal comfort

Each heating system is designed to work so well, that you forget it’s even there. Smart controls and whisper quiet sound make Daikin solutions the best housemate you will ever have...

In this zone we have Daikin masterpiece product.

Daikin Ururu Sarara. 

What does Ururu Sara mean?

Ururu sara is Japanese word and comes from Japanese Origin. Uru Uru means humidity and Sara sara means draught. As you all know japan is well known with its hard conditions and changing weather all year long.

Summer is so hot and humid; winter is so cold and dry. The idea of Ururu sarara easily is that in summer the AC takes from the room the drops of water to make the inside environment cold and dry unlike the outside hot and humid weather .and in winter it push small drops of water to avoid draught and make nice weather indoor, unlike the cold dry weather outside.

And here is short video explaining the idea of ururu sarara. And here you can see Daikin deco rational panel, Round flow cassette in its 2 colors black and white.

This round flow cassette comes with the feature of auto cleaning to result in higher efficiency and comfort and lower maintenance cost.

Comes also with bigger flaps to make equal air distribution which makes it suitable for dressing rooms and kitchen zones.

Last in this zone is Daikin fully flat cassette which can blend easily in one ceiling tile, enabling lights, speakers, and any other to be fixed easily in ceiling tiles.

Here you can see the branding showing ceiling tiles to show you how the unit blend easily in one tile giving space and comfort for installers to plan building designs.


Here in new technology zone you can find Daikin VRV 4 S series in a shop.

You know in   small street shops , the space is so small ,no space for big outdoor unit to be inside the shop and can not also be put out in the street ,  therefore Daikin came up with the technology of splitting the outdoor unit to be installed as grill here and the other part can be put in any corner of the shop to fit at any space compressor to be installed in corner, back room ,storage room , kitchen ,and heat exchanger can be fixed in false ceiling completely invisible and not taking any physical space. . (invisible air suction and air discharge)

Also, you can see air and water atherma unit that can heat your air, floor and water and flow inside your house.

Providing highest savings in running cost, have a stylish design that enhance your interior.


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Kids Zone

Here as we are planning to have this solution plaza for all kind of visitors, we prepared this kid’s zone for school visits, or customers kids to know more about Daikin in soft and easy way.

Here we easily explain the AC cycle, what is R32 and how Daikin help to save our environment and universe.

Also we prepared some coloring books with Daikin units names and Daikin character Pichon kun ( our pure drop of Water ) so kids can know and remember always our product names.



In this Zone you can experience the Daikin’s inverter Technology.

Do you know what is Inverter technology? Inverter technology is a true innovation in the field of climate control.

This Technology provides Two Clear benefits:

1-       Utmost Comfort:

2-      Energy efficient:

Drawing here in the wall explains to you easily the idea of inverter and non-inverter.

Giving example with man running quickly, if he suddenly stop, he will need his full energy and power to start running again, but if slows down slowly then he will again run easily with half of the power.

And that is inverter concept.

When normal AC suddenly stop then turn on again it uses huge amount of energy affecting your bills and consumption but with Daikin inverter you are getting highest efficiency with best price.

And Now feel the real experience look and see the digital thermostat screen to see the difference between Daikin and non Daikin energy efficiency, power consumption and sound level.

Also find the ideal temperature for your room with Daikin.  

In this zone you can see the VRV unit exploded to see all content clearly and Emura unit exploded to see all parts and filters used inside. Our value in VRV is our new K compressor, increasing partial load efficiency, minimizing refrigerant flow from high to low pressure side. No refrigerant leakage

Also, when we talk about VRV core technology we can not forget VRT technology, by adjusting both inverter compressor speed and refrigerant temperature in cooling and heating it gives the highest efficiency all time.

And here is video to know more.  (VRT video)

Also, with VRV DC fan motor it provides more operating efficiency specially during low speed rotation and outer motor leads to better efficiency

And for Emura compressor , the inverter swing compressor if you see this video comparing between normal rotary compressor and Daikin Emura swing compressor, in normal rotary see the friction, noise, pressure leak caused by the cycle, but in swing it is only one piece so no noise and friction, no leak.

If you see also Emura filtration with new material that effectively absorb and break down mold odors.

Unique silver allergen removal and air purifying filter.

This filter can capture more than 99% of allergens such as pollen and dust, can also absorb and break down mold odors for pure indoor environment, and this filter is simply activated by exposure to natural lighting.

Here we have 2 mockups Daikin villa and Daikin City.

First will go with Daikin villa which have on top one VRV outdoor unit that is connected to all villa indoor units.

Saving space, energy, and keeping the nice interior and exterior design for the villa.

Inside each room you can see the piping and see how each room has different unit and shape.

You can control each room separately, turn on one, turn off one, and enjoy Daikin utmost comfort.

The other mockup is for Daikin city, showing how our product range can cover from small apartment in building, banks, hospitals, to large stadium and towers.


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